„In theory there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice there is”
–Yogi Berra


How it works?


To start with, we need to identify the needs, create a proof of concept, and estimate time and costs.


In the following, we choose the "well-fitting" target platform, create detailed design, a list of functionalities, and UML diagrams.


It's time to start coding! The implementation and development of software begins. Documentation will also be created.

Ready to go

Finally, we make unit tests, system tests, and bug fixing. When everything is ok - you can launch your product!

Embedded software ...

Efficient and reliable software, regardless of the hardware platform. It is possible thanks to extensive experience with many hardware platforms, technologies, and frameworks. I develop software for 8051 AVR, ARM Cortex M with FreeRTOS microcontrollers, wireless system-on-chips, and Cortex-A based Single Board Computers running under Linux. Code and debug is my daily bread!

... with briliant GUI ...

When you need to integrate the product with the user, you also need a beautiful and intuitive graphical user interface. Modern and fast GUI, limited only by your imagination! It is available for any project, even based on small microcontrollers with small memory footprints. It is possible thanks to experience with frameworks like QT and TouchGFX. Reliable software with a beautiful appearance!

... and communicating with each other


For all this, you still need communication? No problem! I have extensive experience with WolfSSL, BearSSL, Bluetooth Low Energy, BLE 5 Mesh, LoRA, Modbus TCP/IP, GSM, ZWave, ZigBee, Casambi, and integration with the Cloud services for embedded systems.

About me 🙂

Hi, my name is Dariusz Adamczyk, and I’m a big enthusiast of new technologies! Professionally and passionately, I’m an embedded software developer with 7 years of professional experience. I code mainly in C and C++, as a hobby also in Python. I’ve been working on several various projects in the last few years. They contained a wide variety of different types of microcontrollers, system-on-chips, single-board-computers, technologies, and operating systems. I also like to create applications with modern and beautiful Graphical User Interfaces. I like work nearby to the hardware and create low-level embedded applications. I have the ability for rapid prototyping and making software for test purposes. I am always open to new challenges as a freelancer. I love to play with Arduino in my free time.

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